About Mic Meow

Mic Meow, a former Oncology and Critical Care Nurse with 28 years of experience, is on a mission to promote truth, transparency, and accountability while defending rights and exposing propaganda through her podcast Intentional with Mic Meow.

After spending 28 years in the healthcare industry as an Oncology and Critical Care Nurse, Mic is now forging a new path in life as host of the video podcast “Intentional”. Upon realizing that our culture and American values are being corrupted, she became motivated to “Stand Up”, “Speak Out” and “Get Involved”.

Every day, she works diligently to spread the message that neither freedom nor resistance to tyranny are futile on platforms such as The Blessed News Network, Rumble, Twitter (“X”) and many others. By engaging with many organizations including The Former Feds Foundation and The OKGOP Action Team, she is encouraging others to find their passion and restore local control through local action.

One of her goals is to expose the de-evolution of our healthcare system. She also has a continuing aspiration to focus on the language, discourse and cognitive manipulation that is invading our cultural and corporate domains through the implementation of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and Social Emotional Learning.

As a woman of faith, she knows that her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is preparing her to be used by Him and that He has not given her a spirit of fear. Instead, God is providing her with a heart filled with love and self-control. In her spare time, she volunteers at her local church “Care For OKC” ministry which provides food and clothing resources to those in need within her local community.

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